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A few days ago, Valerie, Brittany, Rae and I went to the Houses of Parliament. It is open to all members of the UK public and overseas visitors, and here you can enter the House of Lords and the House of Commons to observe debates behind glass screens, and also climb the famous clock tower to see Big Ben from the inside (which is something I must do this spring!). If you are a UK resident, you can also access question time with the Prime Minister every day at noon.

Here we are, queuing up to visit the House of Commons. Notice Big Ben in the background:

Inside the grand entrance hall:

We went into the green House of Commons. You probably recognize it from several pictures and films, most recently “The Iron Lady” with Meryl Streep. When we got there the PM has sadly already left, however we did get to observe (what I thought was) an interesting debate on the EU financial treaty and Britain’s position within the EU. Fascinating that such a powerful country is run from such a small room:

For comparison’s sake, here you have the much grander House of Lords:

Rae taking in the general splendour of Parliament:

After sitting in the House of Commons for an hour and feeling rather politically and socially engaged, it was time for some dim sum at Ping Pong: