This week I have had my good friend Rae over for a visit, and seeing that she works for the news in Norway, we figured it would be interesting to take a tour of the BBC for comparison’s sake…and not to mention because we are both great fans of the BBC and British television in general! The BBC studios are located just outside the White City tube station four miles west of central London.

We felt very cool and important with our BBC visitor’s badges:

Dr. Who anyone?

Some of the oldest parts of the building date back to the 1960’s and are grade II listed, such as this “star entrance”:

We were taken around the news rooms and some of the studio sets. We were sadly not allowed to take pictures in there, but we did get to take pictures inside some of the empty studios and the changing rooms:

At the end of the tour, we got to experience what it is like being on television, and we participated in a fake “game show”. Rae won and got a book about the BBC. I got a pen…

We had a lovely afternoon, and I have kept my BBC badge…in case it can get me into places…