On the evening of the 10th it was time to continue Valerie’s 21st birthday celebrations, and for the highlight we had all been waiting for we went to the very elegant Mahiki in Mayfair for lots of dancing and tiki cocktails! As we are third years now, most of us hadn’t been out partying or drinking for months – so I think I can safely say that we all needed and anticipated this!

Val looking very elegant in Betsey Johnson:

We started off with some light refreshments…

…and Val got some absolutely gorgeous surprise champagne from her aunt and  uncle:

Afterwards Val was presented with a list of 21 very embarrassing and cheeky things to do throughout the course of the evening! These included walking into the men’s bathroom, kissing everyone in the party, obtaining various phone numbers and passing off for a famous person. Will not reveal which ones she did…:

After the light refreshments, it was time for the the proper stuff…!!

It did not take long until it was Fresher’s all over again!

We all had an amazing time, one of the most epic nights out in London ever!