Yesterday our dear Valerie finally turned 21, and even though she has been drinking legally in London for 3 years, she can now do so in the States as well! While in Norway (and many European countries in general) turning 21 is not a particularly big deal, we have come to learn that it is a MASSIVE deal in the States, and thus it was very important for us to make sure that Val entered 21 with a bang and had a birthday she will not soon forget! To kick off 24 hours of partying and champagne drinking, we went to Shaker & Co just before midnight so that Val could pretend to be a minor and be forced to show her ID:

Just before midnight, Lida and Mato presented Val with a gorgeous home made surprise birthday cake to celebrate the end of childhood”. It tasted absolutely amazing!

And Val managed to blow out all the candles in one go!

I was also very excited to finally be able to present Val with her gift, which Henrik and I had been planning for over a month. I was originally intending to give it to her in the form of a Powerpoint presentation on my laptop, but the bar staff were so kind as to allow me to plug it into their TV monitor so the whole bar could take part in it!

It started with me introducing Val to a lovely place…and I think she soon took the hint…

…that we are taking her on a holiday!!

I was very pleased that I managed to bring out a couple of tears in the birthday kid – that means success, right?! As for me, I do not like how sentimental I look in this photo…

It was the perfect start to Val’s 21st birthday, and at 1 am we went home in order to sleep and prepare ourselves for part 2!