Has anyone been following “The Magicians” on BBC1? One of the magicians, Jason Latimer, invited people from all over London and the world to come to Candid Arts Trust to paint a huge mural. Before this, he asked an artist to paint a picture, and locked it up to the ceiling wrapped in brown paper. Latimer then contended that the painting would be the exact same as the mural.

The great unveiling of the painting in front of BBC’ crew was open to the public, and so Val and I headed down for some magic!

In this picture you can see the mural in the background, with the painting hanging in front of it. A random assistant was picked from the audience and asked to cut out a section of the mural. According to Latimer, the painting would be identical to this section.


The trick was pretty amazing – however we have some theories as to how he did it, and I seriously question how random that girl was. Anyway, the best part was that we could take a piece of the mural home with us!

I liked this section. It looks like a Spitfire logo: