As part of my dissertation research on digital art, and because I think David Hockney’s paintings are amazing in general, I went to see his exhibition “A Bigger Picture” at the Royal Academy yesterday. Tickets were really hard to get hold of – but I managed to find an available slot in the end!

The reason why Hockey is useful to my dissertation on digital art is that some of his latest landscapes have been painted using his iPad, and I wish to further explore this concept of the loss of physical materiality and the loss of the original. Therefore, this exhibition which consists of both traditional works and iPad works is a great example in which I can base some of my arguments on.

I think the exhibition was absolutely amazing, and for those who are disappointed that “A Bigger Splash” is not included – you won’t even notice it is not there. It was refreshing to see an exhibition so personal and unpretentious, so lush and vibrant, as opposed to most other exhibitions which usually try to be intelligent and cynical and instead just end up being annoying. I could see how the other audiences around me were smiling, feeling revived and happy by all the beautiful colours around them. How amazing it must be to see the world in such splendour. Makes me want to bring out my watercolour kit and go crazy! Actually, I think I might do that over reading week…