The SexyFoodie Launch Video is finally out! After lots of hard work and obstacles, Bobby, Tudor and I finally managed in the end! (And yes, that is my hand).

SexyFoodie is a licensed company established by my friend Bobby Ong. It works with trusted restaurants in the Bloomsbury area to deliver cheap and healthy meals to students living in UCL Halls of Residences.

Video description: “This video tracks the life of a fictional UCL fresher, Anna Ivanov. She is a first year UCL undergraduate from Russia doing History of Art. The nerdy boy is another fictional character named Johnny Thompson. He is also a first year UCL undergraduate from Newcastle doing Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Anna is this hot blonde bombshell who just feels mad that her course is filled with girls while Johnny is this nerdy boy who is not so smooth in getting the girls. And it doesn’t help that his course has the highest male-to-female ratio in UCL. E&E Engineering has 6.2 males to every female student”.

Order your meal now at http://sexyfoodie.co.uk/, or LIKE us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sexyfoodie!