This weekend all the Scandinavian churches in London are holding their annual Christmas fayres. While I have been to the Swedish fayre twice in the past, this was my first time ever visiting the Norwegian one.

The Norwegian church is located near the Bermondsey tube station:

While the Norwegian Christmas market is better than its Swedish counterpart in terms of handicrafts, the Swedish one has a wider array of Christmas foods such as Scandinavian gløgg (mulled wine) and gingerbread cookies. However, I did manage to spend an insane amount of money on imported Norwegian rice porridge. I don’t even like it that much, it is just that I get very homesick around Christmas…

I really loved how all the people in the stalls wore traditional costumes, and I found the church to be incredibly cosy and inviting. I had heard so much about the Norwegian fayre supposedly being inferior to the Swedish one, but I thought it was great! However, Henrik and I will be going to the Swedish Christmas Market on Sunday in order to stock up on gløgg and gingerbread cookies (which I think taste completely different than English ones). Don’t get me wrong though – I will definitely be stocking up on English Christmas foods too!

Visit the Scandinavian Christmas Markets in London: