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It is now November, and London is feeling Christmassy! (And of course slightly commercial – but somehow it manages to retain a bit of its magic nevertheless). We all have reading week this week, which means there are no lectures. While in the past we would have grasped this opportunity to go on a holiday, 3rd year proved to have other things in store for us, such as a massive amount of reading and a dissertation. However, Valerie and I decided to leave the library early on Tuesday in order to observe the lighting of the Christmas lights at Regent Street, and to at least remind ourselves that we live in London, and not UCL.

The crowds on Regent Street:

Before the lights are lit, there is always an accompanying musical show directed by Heart FM on a stage set up directly across Hamley’s. The celebs on stage this year was Kelly Clarkson, Emma Bunton (aka Baby Spice) and Bill Nighy, as well as some dude from British X-Factor and the cast of the musical “Thriller”. All the performers did great – however, I must say that I have never heard anybody sound as good live as Kelly Clarkson. People can say whatever they want about Idol and commercialism, but that lady is amazing.

Bill Nighty (aka. Billy Mack from “Love Actually”) looking confused on stage:

Kelly Clarkson performing “Mr. Know it all” and “My Life Would Suck Without You”:

The show ended in a spectacular fashion with a surprise firework show commencing the second the lights were lit:
Yes, xmas season is indeed here.