Lying in bed feeling crappy. Must have been a mixture of passive smoking and the Swedish cold…

Yes, I have been to Sweden. Only very briefly on some family business. Henrik and I flew out from London Gatwick at 9 pm on Tuesday, and arrived at Stockholm Arlanda around midnight, local time. We had to spend the night at the airport, as we were waiting to catch a flight up to Umeå at 8:30 am the next morning.

The plan was originally to spend the night on some cosy sofas in the airport’s business lounge. However, because we arrived so late, every single bench was taken – and I was snapping at poor Henrik for talking me into spending the night at the airport in the first place. After walking around for two hours looking for a place to sleep, you can say that I was really really pissed.

In an attempt to cheer me up, Henrik decided to take the chance and have us walk to JumboStay, a jumbo jet outside the airport which has been turned into a hostel. It was dark outside, and we could not tell if we were crossing a field or a runway, but in the end we made it there and were so happy to hear that they had one room available! This happened to be the luxury suite, but the receptionist felt so sorry for us (god, we must have looked really tired), that he gave us a 700 SEK/£70 discount. Being fed up and desperate for some sleep, we decided to go with it.

But seriously – it was amazing. We slept at the rear in the room which used to hold the aircraft’s black box. We also had our own private bath and shower: