So I figured I should tell you all a bit more about the UCL Strang Print Room where I am currently interning as a part of my degree programme. Every Tuesday from 1-2 pm we have a weekly Pop-Up display. The pop-ups is a chance for members of the UCL community to curate an exhibition consisting of their chosen works from the UCL Art Collection. It is a great way for professors and students alike to become actively involved and familiarize themselves with the collection, which consists of over 10,000 works.

The first Pop-Up, titled “Word minus Image”, was curated by Information Studies lecturer Anne Welsh. In this exhibition, Welsh showcased prints which originally functioned as book illustrations. She wished to question what happens to illustrations once they are presented as a self-functioning entities without an accompanying narrative, and whether or not an image can ever escape its words.

The display was a success, and several people stopped by to have a look during their lunch breaks.

All the images are taken by Mary Hinkley and are © UCL Art Museum:

The picture seen here originally came from a book on anatomy. How does it relate to for example classical sculptures?

Yep, that’s me:

And that is my hand:

And here is me on the front page of the UCL website!

Drop in on Tuesdays during lunch hour and have a look!