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Saturday night was Ines’ 20th birthday + Halloween night @ Proud! I went as a creepy doll, and Val as Claudia from “Interview with a Vampire”. We probably spent over two hours getting ready:

First we went for pre-drinks at Ines’ place. The birthday girl was dressed up as a psycho Snowhite who had found a gun and turned on the dwarfs:

I look seriously disturbing here…

While queuing up at Proud, we met a bear:

Lida and Val killing time…

At Proud everyone sort of lost each other, and some never showed up. But at least Val and I discovered a great new band called Lester Clayton! The lead singer kept looking at us, and at first we thought perhaps it was because he thought we were pretty. But then we remembered that we looked insane…

While trying to enjoy the music, a middle-aged man started spanking our butts with a plastic sword. I gave him a taste of his own medicine, and he looked really scared afterwards.

Anyway – happy birthday Ines and happy Halloween everyone! And for those who are interested:

~ How to do creepy doll makeup ~

  1. Apply pale foundation to your whole face, including your lips. (Funnily enough, I just had to borrow Val’s regular foundation…)
  2. Apply red eyeshadow from the lids and up to the brows.
  3. Apply black eyeshadow to the lids only.
  4. Using a white eyeliner or white face paint, paint the underside of your eyes in a white crescent shape. (The aim is to make your eyeballs look twice as big as normal).
  5. Define the outlines of your “new” eyes with a black eyeliner. Don’t forget to draw creepy lashes! Use your finger to “drag” the lines down towards your cheeks.
  6. Apply fake lashes. Usually people choose black lashes for these purposes, but I found some red ones from Sainsbury’s which were really striking!
  7. Paint cute little lips on top of your real lips. Using black and red eyeliner, draw some stitches going from your mouth and up to your ears.
  8. Add a dab of rouge to the apple of your cheeks.
  9. Look creepy
And voilà.