This is what becomes of you once you hit third year. No more parties, no more clubbing…

…only a whole lot of library. Seriously, I think I’ve already spent more time there this year than in my 1st and 2nd years combined. And now that oral participation in class counts for 10 % of your grade, you can’t just skim through the readings and rely on summaries. You actually need to know them well so you can sound intelligent in class…

Luckily for me I love the UCL Main Library:

Especially when I’m there with Val fooling around:

After spending a good 4 hours reading, Val and I went to see Bobby at Astor College. Here I was introduced to the glorious American tradition of “Beer Pong”, and as you can imagine, all the American affiliates were going wild:

Gonna have to spend every single day after lecture in the library from next week, as I need to do research for my dissertation in addition to reading for lectures and writing 3 essays. And somewhere in there I need to fit in time for portfolio drawing and London pleasures. It is going to be such an intense year!