Today I went to the annual FRIEZE Art Fair, an international contemporary art fair held by FRIEZE Magazine in Regent’s Park. It is one of the biggest art fairs in Europe, and in addition to showcasing 170 leading contemporary art galleries from all over the world, the fair also offers prestigious talks, exciting discussions and an artist-led education schedule. Although concession tickets cost £20, FRIEZE is a must-see for any art student. London is one of the greatest and most important art centres in the world, and one should really make use of what it has to offer!

The fair was absolutely massive, and I felt rather mesmerized and overwhelmed by it all. Of course a fair like this is very commercial, and I suspect a lot of people come solely to invest in art and sell it for a profit later. However, a lot of the works were truly stunning – I so admire the artists’ creativity and vision.

I really love the soothing colours of this one…reminds me of Chinese Wuxia movies:

One of the most original and eye-catching works – silverware hanging from the ceiling, with one poor twin crushed:

Glad I am not gonna be the one sitting with a q-tip cleaning this one:

This one is by Gerard Richter, who currently has a solo show on at the TATE Modern:

Perhaps not my cup of tea, but fascinating nonetheless:

Some German art gallery. Just thought it looked pretty cute:

This was my favourite piece. It just looked so stunning against the white wall, and the white lines reminded me of frosty twigs and Norwegian winters:

Chandelier anyone?

Really liked these as well! Made by bending flat metal strings and inserting them into glass cases. So simple and so effectual:

And some various circular objects:

I really enjoyed the fair, and if I am still here next year I will definitely be going back! However, London, Paris, Zurich and New York galleries definitely dominated the fair, and I hope more Asian art galleries will be represented in the future. (Considering the fact that East Asia is the fastest growing art market in the world, I was really surprised to discover that they were not more prominent). Would also be fun to see some more South-American art as well next time! Anyway, I came home feeling inspired, and now I am gonna draw!