Had my first drawing session this Wednesday at the “Portfolio Preparation for Art College” course. Still life drawings of mugs and skulls – how very Shakespearian.

Session took place at the Central St. Martins Back Hill campus in Farringdon:

I felt really rusty and nervous at first, which was perhaps not so strange considering the fact that I had barely held a pencil in two years. My arm was shaking as I tried to hold it up against the canvas, and it also did not help that we only had 15 minutes per sketch and that the teacher kept looking over our shoulders. I warmed up in the end though, slowly regaining a bit of confidence and finding myself enjoying the session.

I don’t think I will be using my skull sketches for portfolio purposes, but at least I am getting over my barrier…I honestly never thought holding a pencil again would be so terrifying.

Next week is life drawing. Yes, we are getting a nude model! Wonder if it’s a male or a female.