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While I know I want to go to art college and train to be an illustrator and artist, I have also been thinking a lot about what I want to do with my History of Art degree. Because lets face it – trying to live solely on painting alone is a very stupid idea. Before starting UCL, I wanted a career either within art conservation, art business, curating or art journalism. I have now decided that besides creating art, writing about it is my second biggest joy in life, and I now wish to use my degree to write art reviews and reports for magazines and newspapers. Of course, stupid as am I just recently made up my mind about this, and realized that if I ever am to apply for an MA in Art Journalism or a job in an art magazine, I have nothing but the rantings in my blog to show for. In a state of mild panic and lots of enthusiasm, I signed up as an art writer for two publications – UCL Pi Newspaper and Portal-Magazine, the latter which will be launching shortly. (Note to all first years: Please be a bit smarter than me and don’t put this off until the last minute, i.e. when you are in your 3rd year and have a dissertation to write).

This week I will be writing a review for Pi Newspaper’s culture section “Encore” on TATE Britain’s current exhibition “John Martin: Apocalypse”. Went down there today to take some notes, and spent a good three hours just going through six rooms!

“John Martin: Apocalypse” promotion video by TATE Britain:

John Martin’s paintings were immensely popular with the viewers, however critics and members of the Royal Academy criticised his works for being tainted with popularism and sensationalism, bad taste and garish colours. I think they serve as a sort of predecessor to the panorama and today’s Hollywood blockbuster movies.

Very enjoyable exhibition nonetheless!

John Martin, The Great Day of His Wrath, 1851-3

John Martin, Pandemonium, 1841