Let’s face it. In 10 months, UCL and I are breaking up. It has been a beautiful, albeit occasionally turbulent relationship. I know many will proceed with getting an MA and PhD in Art History at UCL or some other place, but for me I think it is time UCL and I say goodbye to each other and reminisce our relationship with extreme fondness.

I love my degree, I really do. I have never for a second regretted it, and I know I will definitely be making use of it in the future, preferably as a freelance art writer. However, after 3 years of exposure to the world of academics, I have decided that it is not for me. Had the Cathrine I knew 3 years ago heard me now, she would not have believed me when I now say: I do not wish to be a professor. I do not wish to get my PhD. I do not wish to publish books on other people’s art. I do not wish to be a gallery curator and deal with other people’s art.

I want to be the one creating it.

I am therefore, ladies and gentlemen, after receiving my BA History of Art from UCL next year, changing “career paths”. I am applying for Art College, and while drugged on too much sun and Bloody Mary, I splurged a certain amount of my loan and signed up for an evening course at Central Saint Martins called “Portfolio Preparation for Art College” which will through homework and one-to-one tutorials help me develop and present work for college application purposes, as well as prepare me for interviews. The course will run Wednesday evenings for ten weeks starting today, and words cannot even begin to express how excited I am!

The Norwegian Government grants you a student loan for up to 8 years. Yes, I will have plenty of debt, I am sure. But I have decided that this is no longer the time to be afraid. I know the 80 year old Cathrine will thank the 23 year old Cathrine for at least having given her the opportunity to pursue arts.