I have only been in London for two weeks, but never have I done so much in such a short period of time. And school hasn’t even started yet.

My friend Bobby is launching SexyFoodie, and together we are in the process of working out a logo and a website design. SexyFoodie will be providing busy UCL students with cheap, good quality delivery meals, and we are hoping to make both a promotion video and to do some original guerilla marketing around campus! (Good to see that the skills acquired from my summer course came in handy!).

Otherwise, I have been looking for jobs. Valerie and I have decided that we want to finish off in style and go to Las Vegas for graduation next summer, and well lets face it…all my roaming around London has made me short of money. The Hong Kong based online portal “The Chinese Calligraphist” is looking for freelance writers with an art history background and/or strong interest in Chinese art, and so I sent their my application and CV. I think it is quite an intense job with many deadlines, but it really suits my interests, and I can earn quite a bit of money for each completed project. Otherwise, I know for sure that I am going to be working as an extra for BBC for a few days in October. They were looking for Norwegian extras for the mini-series “Lapland” which will be broadcast in the UK over Christmas, and in my secret wish to be a movie star I jumped at it! I was initially afraid that I did not look “Norwegian” enough – however after looking at my photo, BBC deemed me suitable. I am now busy applying for a National Insurance number which is required of me when taking paid jobs in the UK. Filming will be taking place in Chesham just north-east of London, and I will be pretending to be one of the Scandinavian staff members at a hotel in Lapland. So excited for this! Although I will have to get up at 6 am.

Otherwise I am taking up archery and have my first trial session tomorrow. Yes, I know. I am now a member of the University of London Sports Team, can you believe it?