Relying on cheap clothes from H&M to cover up my body, I have never been much into fashion, designers or the latest trends. I remember in New York when Val and I were at a Broadway musical, and Val blurted out in excitement “OMG, Cathrine – that is Michael Kors” and I was looking around thinking “Who?!”. However, seeing that London hosts one of the world’s four major fashion weeks (together with New York Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week), I figured that is well worth getting a taste of what it is all about while I live here. London Fashion Week takes place in Somerset House, housing catwalk shows and exhibitions by over 150 designers. London Fashion Weekend, which Val and I attended this morning, is a direct extension of Fashion Week held in the same venue, and is more retail focused and open to the general public. Here you can shop designer gear at heavily reduced prices, and also enjoy a catwalk show featuring a collection of the most significant trends of the season.

At the catwalk show:

We made some crazy bargains – Val got a scarf which originally cost £158 for only £10, and I got a blazer from Twenty8Twelve by S. Miller which was reduced from about £300 to £30. Amaaazing.