As a HAMS (History of Art with Material Studies) student, I can do a work placement in the autumn term that counts for 0.5 course unit. This morning I had a meeting with the curator of the UCL Art Museum (previously known as the UCL Strang Print Room), and we agreed that I will be starting next week! The Strang Print Room houses all the works on paper in the UCL art collection, such as old master prints by Dürer, Rembrandt and Mantegna. (I know, lets hope I don’t spill coffee on anything…). My job will be to help digitalize the art collection, and also deal with the copyright issues that emerge as a result of publishing works online. When I heard what my assignments were going to be I burst out in excitement, because the dissemination of digital art and the copyright implications facing digital artists is what I am hoping to write my dissertation on. I believe this internship will teach me a lot about the subject, and provide excellent research opportunities!

The Art Museum is located in the UCL Main Building, and is open to the public between 1-5 pm Monday-Friday. Do come visit!