I am now finally back in London, and to break back into the cosmopolitan lifestyle, Krys, Val, Henrik and I went out for Korean BBQ. I found this pretty good and authentic Korean restaurant called Myung Ga just off Regent Street, and I will definitely be returning with our whole bunch of friends!

First time I tried Korean BBQ was in Beijing with some Korean friends back in 2007. They taught me how do to it, and basically what you need to do is to grill your choice of raw meat, seafood and/or vegetables, dip the grilled food in the accompanying sauce and wrap it into a piece of crunchy lettuce before shoving it into your mouth like a burrito. It is probably my favourite food of all time – I urge everyone to try it!

After dinner, Henrik and I popped into one of our new favourite cocktail bars in London – B@1 at Piccadilly. We are celebrating that he is moving to London to work as a bartender, and that his interview today went well!

Me with my straight up Grasshopper:

Henrik enjoying a Tom Collins:

I’ve still got 2 weeks to go before lectures start, but I have plenty to do before that. Have an interview on Friday for a possible work placement at the UCL Strang Print Room amongst others, which is sort of stressing me out… But after 4 long months, I am so ready to face all the challenges of 3rd year! I am even going to the library on Sunday “just for fun” because I’ve missed being a nerd.