On September 3rd I turned 23. Cannot believe how fast time flies, and frankly I hate it. However, in order to make birthdays as pleasant as possible, I try to enjoy them instead of thinking that I am one step closer to…well, death haha. Lately I have been watching way too much “Come Dine With Me” on Channel 4 and BBC, and instead of hitting the town, I decided that I also wanted to try my hands at throwing a proper 3-course dinner party!

And when I say proper, I actually mean proper.

The menu was as follows:

Starter: Antipasti eggs and asparagus w/ parmesan cheese

Main: Roast beef with English Yorkshire pudding and roasted vegetables

Dessert: Sherry Mousse and assorted home made chocolates

Truth to be told, my cooking repertoire doesn’t extend much beyond tacos and vegetable stews, so I definitely put water over my head when deciding to give my friends a bit of a fine dining experience. I had to be stopped when I started planning canapés as well…

“So Henrik…what am I supposed to be doing with this piece of meat?”

Luckily the girls enjoyed the food, and my blood pressure sank back to a normal level:

Hmm, doesn’t this photo remind you of “The Bachelor” on ABC??

Thank you to everyone who made this such a lovely night, and especially Henrik who made amazing cocktails for all the girls and my dad who helped out with the insane amount of dishes!!

PS: If you’re wondering how I could afford this ordeal…I got the job of my dreams. I pick up every single stone in the driveway, clean them free of moss, and put them back. I tell you what has got moss on it..my brain by the time I go back to UCL. Think I will start listening to ChinesePod while doing this just to get some intellectual stimulation…!