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Lots to catch up on here…my computer wouldn’t work, and I haven’t had any internet access. But now I’m back on a roll.

Yesterday I flew back to Norway where I will be staying for 5 weeks until school starts in late September. Hoping to get some job shifts and to practice the skills acquired at the computer graphics course I took in London. I also wanted to go to the National Library in town to do some summer readings and get a head start before school begins, however it turns out that the library is still closed due to the extensive damages caused by the 22. July bombs. So sad coming back to Oslo in such a state.

On to happier thoughts however – the last couple of weeks were spent in Sweden seeing Henrik’s family, and also taking the ferry out to the island of Gotland to experience the annual medieval fair. Just to make it clear, I have an unhealthy fascination with anything medieval. Unfortunately for me I am now broke until I get next year’s student loan and some job shifts here in Norway, so I could not afford any costume.

The Medieval Week is held in the capital of Visby, the best preserved medieval town in Scandinvia. The most notable historical remains of this period is probably the 3.4 km long stone wall called “The Ring Wall”, which encompasses the city and the old church ruins. The city also has a lot of old wooden houses and Hanseatic brick buildings.

At the fair grounds:

I’ll admit I splurged money on one thing…the jousting and archery tournament. I’ve been wanting to experience one ever since seeing “A Knight’s Tale” 10 years ago, and it was just as amazing as I thought it would be!! The knights were all so brave and handsome…I am just insulted that they did not pick me to be their fair maiden!

After the seeing the archers, I have decided to take up archery this year while at UCL. Signing up for the ULU (University of London Union) Archery Club first thing when I get back! I am so hyped, it looks so cool and elegant!