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Last weekend in England I took Henrik to Oxford!

First thing I did was to drag him up the tower of the University Church of St. Mary the Virgin on Radcliffe Square to get a nice proper view. Isn’t it beautiful?

The next day we went punting with my relatives:

Having punted the Cambridge way in Cambridge and made a complete fool of myself (in Cambridge they stand on the higher end of the boat), I found that the Oxford way (standing on the lower end of the boat) is the way for me. Seriously, it just makes so much more sense to have the front tip of the punt tilting slightly upwards, and I actually managed to get us to move forward (albeit very slowly). However, who on earth invented punting? While it looks very elegant when done properly by a strong, tall person with a better stamina than myself, the speed combined with the amount of labour put into it is seriously questionable. Rowing and canoeing is much less time and energy consuming! But perhaps not as hilarious…?

Punting in a dress was not easy. You keep wondering whether you want to mind your skirt in the wind, or the insanely long pole that can kill all your passengers in an instant:

So I just laughed instead while involuntarily crashing into the river bank…

Sunday evening before heading back to London and Sweden to see Henrik’s family, we all enjoyed a picnic down by the river:

Lovely weekend! But then we always have a wonderful time in Oxford!