Although I am still walking around in a bit of a dark bubble after the events of last Friday, I am also trying to enjoy everything London has to offer before going to Sweden next week. It is only healthy for me to tear myself away from the news and return to everyday life.

As a birthday present (since I could not afford to take him to the Cotswolds) I took Henrik to the summer opening of Buckingham Palace instead (although I admit I was the initiator). The queen is at Balmoral Castle in Scotland over the summer, and thus all the 19 state rooms are open for visitors. Tickets also include entrance to the Royal Fabergé exhibition, and a display featuring Kate Middleton’s, aka. The Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress, accompanied by the “Halo” tiara. (Although I have vowed to never get married myself, I am a sucker for royal weddings…)

Obviously I wasn’t allowed to take photos inside, so I got these off the internet. Fun fact about this room: You see the mirror in the left hand corner? That is actually a door to a secret passageway which the queen uses regularly. Cool, eh?

Kate Middleton’s stunning wedding gown:

We were also allowed to visit the “back yard” where the queen holds her annual garden parties for selected members of the public who have contributed positively to British society:

I have to think of something remarkable to do…I want an invitation!!