As you know I am doing a Computer Graphics course at Central St. Martins, and for this past one and a half week I’ve been busy familiarizing myself with InDesign, Illustrator and Macs (the latter and myself are slowly starting to become friends, although I still wish to kick it sometimes). Let me show you some of the things I have created so far!

Our first project was to make a magazine spread in InDesign. Whereas I am pleased with the concept, I did not have enough time to fully realize it on the computer, seeing that at the time I was still struggling with just trying to copy+paste an image on a Mac. Right side is still a bit rigid and dull compared to the left, but a decent first attempt at InDesign I think! (Thought: “Across London”, cross of the flag goes across the page…yeah you get the general idea…).

Our second assignment was a lot of fun! We were asked to make a fake museum pamphlet advertising the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden, and Friday afternoon we were all sent there for “artistic inspiration”. I’ve always walked right past the museum thinking it sounded dull, but it was actually really fascinating! Ended up taking tons of photos and staying there for a good amount of time!

I decided to focus only on parts of the museum’s exhibits, wanting to make the pamphlet as simplistic and clean as possible. I am a sucker for history, so for my concept I decided to show how London transport has evolved throughout the decades, focusing on the various models of red buses seen at the museum:

The pamphlet had to be printed on an A4 format, we could fold it anyway we wanted, and we were allowed one cut.

So basically here is my final product! On the front cover you see the old London Routemaster bus from the 1960s, with the question “Where will future take you?”:

Then you open it, and “oh my god” the new 2012 Boris-bus due to hit the streets next year is revealed together with some interesting key facts:

And then on the back, you have all the visitor information for the London Transport Museum for those who “want to know more”…

This assignment was a huge challenge for me, because it required me to draw the buses using Illustrator, a software which I’ve never encountered before in my life. However, I am pretty pleased with how they turned out! (Even my teacher was surprised, haha). Also, one of the key features of this concept is that you can create a series of pamphlets using the same template, but alter the vehicles, using for example a cab or a tube cart instead.

Today we started making basic websites in Dreamweaver, and tomorrow we will be learning CSS! (Which I dread, coding is really not my thing…)