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Sunday I went to The Museum of London near St. Paul’s Cathedral to see the “London Street Photography” exhibition, a show featuring photographs of the streets and people of London taken between 1860 and 2010. The exhibition is free, and I really urge you to go see it! So fascinating to see how some areas look just the same now as they did back in the nineteenth century, only that back then, all the streets were filled with horse drawn carts, ladies in corsets and smart men in top hats. So much these streets have witnessed…

Recognize this place for example?

John Thomson, Recruiting Sergeants at Westminster, c. 1877

After the exhibition, I defied the rain and ventured out on the streets of London, feeling inspired to do some street photography of my own. (Bear in mind I am sadly not a professional photographer, I do not own a fancy camera, and there were hardly any people to photograph due to the rain…)

But I found some cute Londoners here and there…

Afterwards I headed towards St. Paul’s…

…And that was pretty much my weekend. London in the summer wasn’t quite what I had imagined – I was envisioning picnics in the parks and outdoor plays at Shakespeare’s Globe. But rainy London holds a lot of treasures too. Nothing quite like running into St. Paul’s to seek shelter from sudden unexpected downpour, and realize you’re just in time for evensong.