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I’ve always held a fascination with the Tudors, and thus it was about high time I went to Hampton Court, a royal palace only a 35 min train ride from Waterloo Station. Half the palace is Tudor and was inhabited by Henry VIII, while the other half is Baroque and added to the original structure in the 17th century when the style of Versailles was the latest vogue in Europe.

Tudor Clock Court:

While walking around the Tudor hallways, we occasionally bumped into a very cheerful Henry VIII who was announcing his engagement to the young Catherine Howard:

Henry VIII’s Great Hall was slightly smaller than expected, but very beautiful. In one of the corners you can still see the initials of Anne Boleyn carved into the wooden panel. Upon her execution the king ordered that all traces of her be removed from the palace, but this panel was accidentally overlooked.

Beyond the Tudor structure you enter the Baroque parts such as the Fountain Court:

Exploring the gardens! The Baroque façade at the back of the palace was designed by Sir Christopher Wren:

Smelling the roses in the rose garden: Also, no visit to Hampton Court without getting lost in the maze, the oldest one of its kind in England: “I can feel it…it’s this way!” “What way?!” Val after a long, strenuous day… We missed the train by one minute.