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As the weather forecast had predicted a clear, sunny sky all day, Henrik and I decided to go to Kensington Gardens for a picnic. Too bad that when we stepped out of the High Street Kensington tube stop it started pouring down, and we found ourselves standing without an umbrella. For an hour we got stuck browsing around in shops, but luckily it cleared up slightly in the end so that we could venture out in the park. However, it was a much colder and windier experience than we had anticipated, in addition to the pigeons surrounding us once they realized we had food. (But really, I did not have the heart to feed them chicken…)

“Henrik…it is seriously freezing out here!!”

Cute adolescent duck family:

I almost accidentally stepped on one of these:

This dark cloud over Kensington Palace put an end to our picnic, and we decided to go home and watch “Battlestar Galactica” instead.

Why is it always that the weather is so nice during exams, and really terrible once we have the time to enjoy London? (Henrik: “It’s Murphy’s Law love!!”)