Going home in less than 10 days now. I thought the end of exams was going to make life less stressful, but it turns out that in reality the exams were just concealing all the practical stuff that needs to be taken care of before I go back to Norway. Valerie and I are getting a new tenant in for next year, and basically we’ve spent the last couple of weeks trying to get hold of our letting agency to arrange for a meeting so that we can sign up the new tenant and renew our contract. After countless of e-mails and attempts of getting through to them on the phone, we went directly to their office yesterday to get the wheels in motion. Keeping your own household is “challenging” to say the least. Suddenly I miss life in student halls were everything was taken care of for you.

In addition to this I am also busy selecting courses for next year. Most of the UCL courses for 3rd year are about Renaissance church art and patronage or French prints, none which are really within my main area of interest, which is contemporary art practices. I am therefore going to do a course unit at SOAS instead in Chinese art, building on what I learnt when I was interning at Feizi Gallery last summer. Was hoping to do a course called “Chinese Art and Modernity”, but due to some last minute departmental changes, that course was cancelled. Therefore I am doing a couple of courses in Imperial Chinese Art instead, which I also think will be interesting. It will be nice to learn about art from a less Eurocentric perspective and study the philosophies behind traditional Chinese ink paintings which are so vastly different from Western paintings of the same period. Lately I have been thinking that I might do my Masters at SOAS focusing on Chinese art, so this might provide a vital introduction for me.

SOAS library…one of the most amazing places on earth: