After having let ourselves decay after weeks of staying in and studying, we finally had the chance to dress up and hit the town to celebrate that we are done with our exams! When you are confined to the “international land” that is UCL, you sort of forget that you are living on one of the greatest cities on earth. I am now re-exploring it and falling in love with it all over again.

We booked a table at O-Bar, one of our favourite hang-outs in London. Ground floor is a bar, upstairs is a lounge, and downstairs in the basement is a dancefloor. All in all, something for everyone!

On the dancefloor:

I had to leave quite early, as Henrik’s flight from Sweden arrived at Stansted around midnight and I had to make sure I was home to let him in. But it was a nice warm-up to the two weeks of fun to come! Before our roads all part for the summer, we are making sure to enjoy each other’s company and the city of London as much as we possibly can. (For the first time in weeks I managed to read TimeOut London, as reading it during exams just made me depressed). Slowly getting used to heels and make-up again…