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Have you ever been to Ping Pong, a relatively new dim sum chain in London?

Dim sum is a Cantonese term for a type of Chinese dish that involves small individual portions of food, usually served in a small steamer basket or on a small plate. Going for dim sum is usually known in Cantonese as going to “drink tea” (yum cha, 飲茶). Traditional dim sum includes various types of steamed buns such as cha siu baau, dumplings and rice noodle rolls (cheong fun), which contain a range of ingredients, including beef, chicken, pork, prawns, and vegetarian options.

I am so glad the Western world is finally starting to discover dim sum and love it as much as I do, as it always puzzled me as to why sushi is so popular here while dim sum is not. While in Norway dim sum is still rare and expensive, London offers good quality dim sum at a reasonable price. (Which is yet another reason as to why I love living here).

Had lunch with my parents and my mom’s friend Jacqui at Ping Pong down at the Southbank Centre today. Not the cheapest dim sum around, but definitely a great dining experience! And being a chain restaurant serving dim sum only, I hope more people will be introduced to these wonderful Chinese tidbits!

Have you ever seen this before? The Jasmine tea comes as a closed dry flower, which expands once you pour hot water onto it:

Down by the river: