“Go on Will, give her a ring!”

Those were the words written on BT tower today.

This weekend, London is in love, and on my way to lunch I just had to go to Westminster Abbey to experience the craze for myself. With only a day left to go, the number of eager campers hoping to get a glimpse of the royals has doubled, and press reporters from all over the world are loving it!! Being so much like his mother, everyone here loves Will, and after the difficult times he went though following Diana’s death, everyone is now rooting for him and his Kate!

It is bordering on delightful mass hysteria.

The press podium:

John Loughrey has gained somewhat of a celebrity status after being the first camper to claim a prime spot in front of the abbey – arriving already on Monday! He is an ardent and devoted Diana fan, and believes she would have been proud of her son and his fiancee:

Increasingly hyped and smelly campers:

I know how you feel…

Cute elderly British ladies:

Chinese reporters from DongLin News:

Me and Val’s Itinerary for tomorrow:

  1. Get up at 4 am and dress up!
  2. Watch the wedding live from the big screens at Trafalgar Square
  3. Go to Buckingham Palace and wave to the royals as they step out on the balcony
  4. Afternoon High Tea @ Fortnum & Mason with scones and champagne
  5. Victorian street party @ V&A

I am so excited for tomorrow! How are you spending the day/following the wedding?