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Friday it is finally happening – the greatest wedding of the century! Prince William will finally have his Kate Middleton, and London is looking its best for the great occasion. Almost a million people are expected onto the streets of London to join in on the celebrations (many of course being tourists from the US and the European continent), and Valerie and I shall be two of them! I personally find weddings to be an unnecessary and obsolete tradition which I for one will not go through with no matter how much I love my significant other, however for some reason royal weddings always get me into an excited frenzy and I cast all of my principles aside. (Ironically I am a major royalist, despite that being an obsolete tradition as well…). We have decided we are going to walk down to Trafalgar Square early in the morning (like 7 am!) to watch the event live on the big screen (for some stupid reason they haven’t got big screens outside Westminster Abbey or Buckingham Palace). Halfway through the ceremony we will make a brave attempt of pushing ourselves through the crowds and up to Buckingham Palace where we will hopefully get a glimpse of the newly weds as they step out on the balcony!

Since it is a once in a life time event, Val and I are gonna dress up a bit and allow ourselves to be extra silly. We went to Camden and Oxford Street to pick up the necessary accessories, and had breakfast at a lovely, quaint little tea shop called Yumchaa near Camden Town station (where we of course drank the special “Royal Wedding” blend!).

Ok, now back to my studies. I’ll be back on Friday!