Last weekend I attended a birthday party for one of Henrik’s friends. It was a costume party, and the theme being “film”, Henrik and I dressed up as Arwen and Legolas with more or less convincing wax ears.

You can sort of glimpse us in the background together with Charlie, the birthday girl:

Mad Hatter (he was Norwegian too!) and a gremlin!

Tipsy Jack Sparrow:

That square sponge Bob guy:

The Boondock Saints:


Without my knowledge back then, there was apparently a conspiracy among the party guests to poor me drunk once and for all. Thus they all generously mixed me cocktails which I happily accepted, and as a result I fell asleep at 1:30 am and did not get up until 9 am the next day. According to Henrik, they were applauding their success while I was happily drifting away in my drunken and extremely nauseated slumber.

It sucks being such a lightweight.