This weekend was a great time to be in Springfield, as it happened to be the weekend of THON, a 15 hour dance marathon taking place at Penn State University and at various high schools throughout Pennsylvania for the purpose of raising money to conquer pedriatic cancer. While the Penn State Uni THON is the biggest of them all, Springfield High School has the largest of the mini THONs in terms of money raised.

Valerie used to be head of the entertainment committee for two years during her time at Springfield, and thus got us VIP floor passes to the dance marathon. I also got myself a THON t-shirt to show my support for the good cause:

Over 500 of Springfield High School’s students had signed up for the dance marathon, and while we did not stay for 15 hours dancing and skipping around, we did spend a couple of hours chatting with Val’s old school mates and absorbing the great atmosphere! People told me events like these are definitely one of the best sides of America and Springfield, showing people’s care and dedication to the support of good causes.

Ian, Leah and Val:

Val and Melso:

The morning after it was revealed that Springfield High School THON managed to raise a staggering $150,000 to pedriatic cancer! Definitely an inspiration to schools all throughout the world, teaching kids such dedication. I am truly impressed.