Yesterday 500 000 Brits gathered in a protest against government cuts, resulting in what was the biggest demonstration in Britain since the 2003 demonstration against the Iraq invasion. Britain faces $130 billion worth of public spending cuts as the government struggles to cut the country’s deficit. The coalition government is hoping to balance out the budget in only four years by increasing taxes, but make cuts to public spending. While I think many people realize the necessity of these drastic measures, many people feel that four years is too short of a time to cut the deficit, this not being beneficial to the country in the long run as public institutions will face a severe decline in quality and thousands of people will lose their jobs.

Several widows were broken along Oxford Street and Piccadilly, and Top Shop was attacked with paint:

I got caught up in the protests on my way home from seeing “Legally Blonde”. Trafalgar was packed, helicopters where casting spotlights over the city, and people were throwing firecrackers. They marched onto the streets, stopping all traffic from either side.

Although I support the demonstrations fully, I am sad and angry to see that there are always some idiotic hooligans (usually young students who have cowardly covered up their faces) who have to disrupt the peaceful protests by vandalising half the city. Do they really think they are helping public spending by having the tax payers clear up their mess? Grow up for god’s sake.