This last week I have been really busy getting all my essays together. Although my final two deadlines are not until Friday, I’ve wanted to get the essays relatively done this weekend so that I can get on with my life, enjoy my week with Henrik and enjoy the glorious sun which has been gracing London with its presence for the past few days. I am relatively pleased with two of the essays I’ve written this term, and perhaps not so pleased with the other two – but I have done what I can do, and I need to let go and realize that there are other things in life that are equally (if not even more) important.

I really cannot grasp the fact that this term is over already, and that after the exams (mine which are scheduled to take place between 12th May and 3rd June this year) I am done with my second year at UCL. In one way it feels as if I just got here, in another way I cannot remember what my life was like before that. However, time is passing me by fast, and I feel as if I already have to start making plans for my post-graduate life. But I haven’t even made proper plans for the summer!

Anyway, after tomorrow when I have finished citing my last remaining essays, I am going to let go and enjoy putting together NorskArt, further build up my art portfolio and listen to Chinese podcasts.