Today I went to our first NorskArt meeting, and I had a great time! Met up with 6 other Norwegian students, 3 of them who are students at UCL. (In all my time here I have only met one Norwegian at UCL, so this was very exciting for me!). We are hoping to throw together our exhibition of Norwegian student art either in the last weekend of April or the first weekend of May, which does not give us a lot of time, however we need to do it after Easter and before we get too immersed in our exams. What we are going to do this week is to find a venue, so we all need to put in some effort and make some inquiries and browse around. After that we will need to talk to sponsors, make flyers and of course call for art, mainly by Norwegian art students in London! We want paintings, installations, sculptures – anything!

I am really excited for this – everyone was so nice, and it feels so refreshing to be able to do something so social and challenging in the midst of the asocial isolation of essay writing!

Some artworks featured in previous NorskArt exhibitions:

Nina Arctander, University of Hertfordshire

Hilde Kvivik Kavli,

These images make me long for home!!