Yesterday Melody and I went out to see “Chicago” (also known as “London’s Sexiest Musical”) at Cambridge Theatre on Earlham Street in Seven Dials.

We had pre-dinner at some Italian restaurant just down the street from the theatre. Believe it or not, we met last summer in the girls bathroom of some Shanghai nightclub:

I really enjoyed the show, mostly because I love all the songs from “Chicago”. However, the movie Chicago being one of my favourite films, it was hard for me not to compare the musical with the movie, the stage version naturally lacking in all the Hollywood special effects that you have become used to. The musical version somehow felt a bit less energetic and a bit less smooth story wise, but of course stage and film are two different media and you have to appreciate it for what it is within its own framework! Nevertheless, I am glad I saw it, and I kept humming to “Hot Honey Rag” all the way home!