I have had my hands full these first weeks of term. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have signed up as an illustrator for UCL Pi Magazine, in addition to signing up as an illustrator/graphic designer for HART Magazine (the newly established online magazine of the UCL History of Art department). For Pi Magazine I have had pretty specific tasks, illustrating articles and choosing to do a pretty uniform clean cut style. For HART I was just told to do a few “spontaneous” illustrations, which has been great fun as I’ve had the opportunity to completely emancipate myself and experiment with watercolours, vector shapes and various digital effects. I have learnt sooo much this week, now mastering more styles than I did just a few days ago, in addition to finally bringing myself to creating things that are not hyper realistic. Because really – if you want hyper realism, why don’t you simply take a photograph? Painting should take you where photography can’t, just as photography should take you where painting can’t.

HART Magazine:

Pi Magazine:

“UCL Fit Finder is Back”

“The Commodity of Art”

I am lagging slightly behind on my readings because of this though, so taking a week’s break to catch up. But I am happier than ever doing this.