Yesterday we went to Loom for Bianca’s 21st birthday! We had the club all to ourselves, and as Bianca is an avid salsa dancer, we all got a special treat in the form of a free salsa introduction by the UCL Salsa Society instructor! We got teamed up with random partners of the opposite sex, and as if I did not already feel extremely awkward with couples dancing, I felt even more so with a stranger who happened to be in the salsa society and was probably wondering why he had to lead this confused, very non-Latino-blooded Norwegian around. Anyway, I had tons and tons of fun skipping around doing my salsa steps! At least until my partner left me ha ha!

Hot blooded Britons:

Hot blooded internationals:

My flatmates ♥:

Throughout the evening, the classiness was on a steady decline:

Thank you Bianca for a great night!!

And just a final sentence of contemplation: Where do you look when you do couple’s dancing?! If you cannot look at your feet and not look at others, then the final place to look is deep into your partner’s eyes. How do you NOT end up laughing?

No wonder I work best on my own: