I am a person who tends to live in a bubble. Actually, I always live in a bubble – my own happy little haven of art and floating colours. (Sounds like I am constantly high on drugs or something, but let me assure you that that is not the case). This year I have been increasingly wanting to get more involved with UCL life. I have always been so caught up in my own world of hobbies and interests that I haven’t really joined that many extra curricular activities connected to my uni, and in that sense I have let myself down slightly. Now that I am still a 2nd year student with a life before I have to commence on my 3rd (!) year and the dreaded dissertation, I figured that now is my chance to really gather my resources and get involved. Therefore I contacted the design editors of Pi Magazine (which is the UCL student magazine) asking if they needed illustrators, and I am going to their photo/design session on Friday to dicuss what they need for next month’s issue. I am really hyped about this – if I get to do this, it will be the perfect way of combining my passion for art and UCL student life.

Otherwise, I am busying myself with additional artistic endeavours. Last year I submitted an entry to the BP National Portrait Awards, and even though it was rejected, nothing is stopping me from trying again. Fifty lucky winners will have their painting exhibited at the London National Portrait Gallery, and one really lucky winner will receive a cash prize of £25,000. In other words, I HAVE TO DO THIS. I have decided to do a self-portrait this year, and I am aiming for a more subdued and sophisticated expression than last time, hoping that it will please the judges. But it is hard drawing a likeness of yourself, and I am still in the process of getting all my features down right. It is getting there though, I can sort of see myself emerging on the blank canvas…but will probably spend the night making corrections to it so I can commence on the actual painting tomorrow.

Ah, the National Portrait Gallery. I’d do anything to have my painting exhibited there…