I am so sorry for having been such a terrible blogger. The stress and isolation of the last weeks of last term completely killed my incentive to blog. However, as a new term has commenced and I once again have a life, I am slowly finding my way back into the blog sphere…

Yesterday was the first day of Term 2, and my lectures for this semester are as following: Representing “Others” in British Art from c. 1700-1805 (what does it mean to represent, and how have minorities/”others” been represented from a European perspective?), London & Paris c. 1700-1850 (urban planning and visual culture of the two European capitals), The History of the Category of “Art” (where we will read and discuss various philosophies of aesthetics and their social contexts) and American Geographies (the figuring of the West). I am super excited for this term’s courses, especially because some of them will incorporate a lot of philosophy which I find myself becoming increasingly interested in. (I think it has something to do with me living with Val, who is a Philosophy major…)

Kicking of the new term was Krys’ 20th birthday party at Bar Fifty Five yesterday, where everyone were ordered to look posh and sexy in black:

The birthday boy in white:

Aga with the birthday cake:

I had way too many Singapore Slings. But a wonderful time.