As Rae and I have both lived in Beijing together (and then separately in Hong Kong and Shanghai respectively), we often find ourselves missing life in China. So now that she is in London, we spend practically every afternoon in London Chinatown indulging in dumplings, won ton soups and crispy noodles.

On the second day in Chinatown I wasn’t really hungry, but Rae decided to order a delicious won ton for £3.50. But even when she was the one doing the ordering and I kept saying I wasn’t going to have anything, the Chinese waitresses kept giving me all the cutlery and the food, as if it was inconceivable that the blonde Rae would be doing any eating. They also kept staring at Rae in surprise when she used chopsticks and lifted her bowl in order to slurp her soup in proper Chinese appreciation style. Hilarious. Especially considering the fact that Rae speaks way more Chinese than me, and is actually able to use chopsticks in the proper way while I just pretend to know how to use them.

I love bumming around Chinatown. I love the smells, I love the food, I love the atmosphere. And I love how Rae orders food, and I get everything.