I have been informed that there have been requests for a new blog posts. Lovely to hear that people find my little scribblings enjoyable, and your wish is thus my command.

This week is reading week, and while I would have loved to go home to Norway and revel in the Scandinavian lifestyle, I have to accept that at the moment my life evolves around a cup of tea, a laptop and relatively strict confinement to my room. Basically I am cocooned up in bed, writing essays as if my life depended on it. With my Norwegian friend coming over next week and me travelling to Sweden at the end of the month, I need to finish at least two essays this week if I am going to stand any chance of meeting all my deadlines. I am in a mild state of panic to be honest, but then again isn’t panic and a diet consisting of tea and more tea the charm of student life?

I managed to finish one essay on gender issues and art yesterday, and commenced on a new one today about politics and relational aesthetics. Strangely enough, despite my apparent whining, I am actually enjoying lying in my bed doing nothing but to exercise my brain. I always have such a thirst for knowledge, so I accept anything that will help me quench it. (Although the more knowledge I acquire, the more I seem to crave).

Don’t even ask, I am confused myself:

In between studies and tea consumption, I finished watching the new series “Sherlock“, a contemporary version of Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous detective stories. It is absolutely amazing, and filmed only 2 minutes away from my house! I have now started watching the 2004 adaption of Elizabeth Gaskell’s “North & South“, which is even more amazing. Absolutely loving Richard Armitage as John Thorton.

But yes, back to my essays now. Shut up Cathrine.