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On Henrik’s last day in London, I took him on a boat trip through the canals of the city with Jason, a 100-year old canal boat. The tour runs between Little Venice near Warwick Avenue tube station and Camden Lock. These artificial canals were originally created in order to transport cargo throughout London and England in the days before the steam engine was invented, and the narrow canal boats would be pulled by horses, some even carrying ice all the way from Norway!

Today the canals transport very little cargo, and are mainly used for leisure and pleasure. It is amazing to think that only a couple of blocks away from this peaceful landscape, lies the huzzle and buzzle of some of the busiest streets of central London.

These boats are actually permanent houses for some Londoners, fully equipped with kitchen and bathroom facilities (unlike in the olden days):

Feng Shang – a floating Chinese restaurant in the middle of central London:

A very enjoyable trip indeed! And a very good way for me to reduce my stress level a couple of notches.