UCL Main Quad:

Sitting with my head buried in books 24/7 nowadays.

In between the compulsory art readings, I am attempting to plow through the following literature “for fun”:

I am currently doing “50 Philosophy Ideas” by Ben Dupré. It is a really interesting and comprehensible introduction to philosophy, taking you through essential ideas such as The Brain in a Vat Theory, Plato’s Cave theory, The Ontological Argument, virtue ethics etc. Seriously, it is the best read I’ve had since Harry Potter. Only problem is that I am starting to question the meaning of my life to a degree that is well beyond healthy.

I have also signed up for Chinese Mandarin evening classes with the UCL Language Centre this year. My Mandarin just went down the drains after I returned home from Beijing three years ago, and I didn’t really work on it much after that. I really begun picking it up again this summer while in Shanghai, and now I feel a new urge to continue and really work hard in order to become fluent. My former teacher insisted on placing me in the hardest class with focus on character reading and conversation (why, I do not know), so my brain is feeling sufficiently challenged…

And my Chinese homework for this week: Learn a Chinese song and perform it in front of class! Do not know whether to laugh or cry – all I know is that my singing voice sounds ridiculous in Chinese, and I have a funny Norwegian/English accent with rolling Beijing rrrrr’s!