I found the incentive to tidy the mess I have been accumulating after having channelled my mind into “stressed-student-hence-too-busy-to-clean” mode, so now I can finally give you that house tour.

Ok, so the façade is perhaps a bit of a square 60’s eyesore, but we are on the ground floor, the neighbours are very cute and we have a rottweiler next door to protect us.

Our entrance! We are gonna have our Christmas tree here when that time comes…

Our lovely kitchen where we have lots of family time and deep conversations, and where Valerie shakes up our evening afternoon martinis:

Our lounge/Val’s room…

…where Peter Pan and Michael Phelps are watching over us. Val also keeps a hammer by her bedstand to potentially kill any intruders.

My room! The poster is of “The Four Seasons” by 19th century Czech Art Nouveau painter Alphonse Mucha, one of my favourite artists of all time.

My desk and new bookshelf:

Our bathroom:

Our backyard! When spring comes, Val and I want to acquire an inflatable swimming pool in a funny shape, but Ewa seems reluctant…

And then of course Ewa has a room as well, but did not wanna sneak in and take lots of photos while she was out!

Ok, so that is our house! We absolutely dote on it, and are not missing hall life at all. Cooking has gone well so far, except from the time I burnt my omelette.

Now I am gonna start doing some research for my Aesthetics and Politics essay, where I am discussing and assessing the political claims made on behalf of relational aesthetics, and putting it in the context of imagined communities. Funfunfun.