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On Ditta and Helenur’s last day in London, I took them out for something I’ve been dying to do ever since I moved to London, which is splurging a ridiculous amount of money on taking traditional English afternoon tea in a classy parlour.

We went to Fortnum & Mason on Piccadilly, a grand tea and confectionery shop with 4 different parlours. One of the grandest options in London is to take your tea at Fortnum & Mason’s St. James’ Restaurant, but we headed to the less formal (and less expensive) The Gallery:

The Gallery’s Afternoon Tea Set is £24 per person, and includes a pot of tea, a sandwich, two scones and two blackcurrant roulades, in addition to one glass of sparkly wine. It is slightly embarrassing to admit that I actually spent £24 on tea, but it was one of the things I was determined to do at least once while living in London. (But i won’t be making this a weekly habit, that’s for sure!). If you want a cheaper option, you can do like Helenur and order a pot of tea with only a duo of scones on the side, which will cost you only half the price.

But really, it was the most enjoyable guilty pleasure of my life.